Wood products

Ash and larch wood drawhorse

Green and sawn wood products produced to order, using local, renewable raw materials: sawn larch and coppiced hazel, sycamore and ash. We know exactly where the wood has come from – we cut and process it ourselves. All wood is sourced from the wood we live in, about a mile out of Moretonhampstead, on the edge of Dartmoor.

Natural flagpoles for the Moretonhampstead Flag Festival.

  • Local products are an environmentally responsible choice – they don’t have to travel far to get to you, the customer
  • Raw materials sourced from micro-managed woodland
  • Products are handmade and unique
  • Products are made to your specifications

These draw horses are used for green woodworking and can be made to suit the size of the user, or to be age specific. The functional design has been adapted from green woodworker Mike Abbot. They are made using coppiced ash and larch.

  • For schools and educational projects – sized benches, raised beds, wood products can be produced to suit any age group
  • Ideal for funding applications that are judged on environmental and local criteria
  • Wooden infrastructure can be built / assembled on site
  • Natural, non-toxic wood treatment can be used if required
  • Design service available




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